250 coins free On Signup

Organise your content. Post it on social media. Generate interest. Add users to your course. Allow them to collaborate. Collect payments for micro contents.


Build your courses modularly. Spread the word on social media. Add customers and build upon the course. Add new content or link from the content library. Conduct live classes on Zoom or ClassRoom. Ideal for bootcamps, accelerators, and any other cohort-based, live online learning programs.

Integrated LMS

Create Once Use Forever

The intergrated LMS ensures all the content for the course is collated and stored online and available for future reference.

Content Library

Store Once Use Forever

The Content Library allows you to store all content that is used often. These can be dropped into any course with the click of a button.


Stripe or Paypal

Micropayments can be collected for specific pieces of content allowing flexibility for both students and tutors collaborating on a course.

Top Features

Course creation using text, PDF, images, audio, video, YouTube and links. Live classes can also be scheduled


Clean & Minimal Design

Content creation is a breeze. You can add text, PDF, images, audio, video, YouTube and links effortlessly and see the preview instantaneously.

Social Media

Post to social media and get learners interested. Collaborate with participants to create engaging content. Share, clone and collate new content seamlessly.





Manage paywalls

Manage paywalls around content to study traction and optimise conversions.

Build your course from scratch.

You teach. We do the rest.

Key features of the platform

Transform threads into conversations, conversations into courses, collaborate on these courses, make money on courses adapted from your courses too.

1. Create effortlessly

2. Build seamlessly

3. Collect micropayments

4. Track engagement

How Does It Work?

You create content. You share it on social media. You need to montize your content. You need to track engagement and conversions.

Create and Share

Creating content is a breeze. So begin by creating an introduction. Get initial traction and engagement. Measure these metrics.

Add micropayments

Now it's time to monetise. Add more content. Selectively add paywalls to these microcontents. They come back to consume.

Measure and Optimise

Custom analytics allow you to study changes in engagement and earning metrics based on changes in content accessibility and pricing. Optimise and refine.

What our customers say?

A platform to build cohort based courses. Support for micropayments to monetise. Analytics to track, evaluate and finetune engagement and monetisation.

"I was referred to Teach Unlimited by a friend. There are a lot of features I found interesting to use. Content creation is so simple I have fallen in love with it almost instantly."

Terry Varquez

-ClassRoom User

"It is a long established fact that a reader will be able to better understand the concept if it is documented precisely the way it has been taught. Exactly what I got."

Kathy Carlso

-Gurukul User

"I was introduced to the system not long ago. As I progressed using this system I realised it is so easy to use. I even trained a friend. Monetisation got me hooked."

Joanne Sebastian

-TeachUnltd User

Popular FAQs

We cover the most basic questions here. If you have any other question or suggestion to offer please connect with us using the contact form or social media

Is the platform free to use?

Content creation on the platform is free. If you need to view paywalled content you'll have to purchase coins. When users pay to access your content you'll get paid for it.

The admin dashboard given an overview of all activities on the platform. You can view user engagement and monetisation metrics of the courses you offer.

Some of the best examples are those used in the conduct of classes for cooking, aerobics, lifestyle management and a host of other topics.

Every piece of content can be selectively monetised by setting a payment (in coins) that needs to be paid to access it. These can be changed or even made free to optimise engagement and monetisation.

It has both an LMS to organise content on the platform and control access. The CMS enables effortless creation and reuse of content. Students can revisit their content any time.

Choose your pricing plan. No hidden fees.

Coins are issued on the platform against payment. These coins can then be used to access paywalled content. Some payment plans also provide access to the admin dashboard


$9/Per Month

For very little reading.

Coins: 250


Support: No

Admin Dashboard

Best  Plan


$29/Per Month

For voracious readers.

Coins: 1000


Support: Email

Admin Dashboard


$39/Per Month

Professional Creators.

Coins: 2000


Support: Realtime

Admin Dashboard

Questions? Need an assisted demo?

We look forward to hearing from you. Please write to us with your suggestions and comments. Need an assisted demo? Write to us.